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Thunder Samples

Thunder Samples:

Starting "Thunder Samples" was originally just another way of trying to earn some extra bucks, without thinking people would actually buy anything. Now I realize that there´s so much more potential than I thought and I really wanna dive deeper into it. I like the idea of being the first link in the production chain by providing you with these sounds. Just thinking about this whole project makes me smile.
Collaboration Packs:
I want to collaborate with as many musicians as possible in order to offer you a big variety of different instruments and styles. We split everything we make 50/50 with the artists, so with every pack you buy, you automatically support the musician behind it. They need this more than ever, especially during times of lockdown and cancelled gigs. Check them out, listen to their music, and build connections… That´s what this industry is all about. Networking. 
Please give credit to the musicians and this project wherever you can. This allows us to spend more time on it and provide you with better sounds and more of them. 



Thunder Acoustic Loops

Thunder Guitar Loops V2

1. "Innocent" 80 Bpm G min
2. "Follow Me" 90 Bpm F# min
3. "Innocent Variation 1" 80 Bpm G min
4. "Soul" 80 Bpm E min
5. "Rise Up" 85 Bpm F# min
6. "Acoustic Bounce" 85 Bpm E min
7. "Sad Arpeggio" 140 Bpm E min
8. "Spicy" 107 Bpm A min
9. "Sunshine" 84 Bpm C# maj
*you´ll get the dry stems (without effects)

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