Everyone says "release a Christmas song" and I'm like "Good idea, I'll release a Halloween song". No seriously, most of you know that I'm more drawn to the dark vibes, so Halloween is the perfect time to release such a song. I'd be a proud musician if you use it to pimp out your Halloween party and make it even scarier. As per usual, share it with your friends and spread the monstrosity!


Had lots of fun making this one. I hope you enjoy it. :)

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Happy Place

A while ago my Laptop crashed and I had to reinstall everything from scratch. It took me 2 weeks to do it and I ended up losing a lot of files. Not being able to produce felt really bad and I kinda lost my patience. It's moments like those where you just don't think you're gonna make it anymore and you start questioning what you do, or even why you do it. It can be such small things triggering this, but there's always a way out. You can learn to use these moments to gain new power and creativity.

When you think you can´t deal with it anymore, it´s good to have your very own "Happy Place", whether it's in your head or your favorite spot in town.

One of my Happy Places is in my studio. I feel so pleased to be able to come here every day to let my guard down and let all my emotions just flow.

I really hope you like the song and have some good moments while listening to it.

Now it's up to you to build your own story around it.

What's your Happy place?

Thanks to my legendary cowriters Adam Wendler and Charlie Grant. You guys are genuises.

Thanks to Carlos Dalelane for playing Bass on this tune.

Thanks to Steve for helping me out with the mix.

Spread the love. <3



I think my buddies from Hyperclap did an amazing job. Definitely go and check them out, they have some pretty unknown gems on their Spotify page.

When I started producing, I also started listening to music with different ears. That's why I got so hyped by trap music. Those fat drums, dirty synths, deep 808s and on top of that there are so many little elements that get thrown into those songs without making them too overloaded. It's like putting together a puzzle, but there are an unlimited number of ways of combining the pieces, still they manage to create a picture that seems to be one big piece to most people. In my opinion, they are the masters of puzzling.

I'm still fascinated and look up to those talented and creative masterminds.

Pull Me Under (Thunder Remix)

If there's one thing I've learned over the last few years, it is to not take everything so seriously. Whether people complain about how you are as a person or about your work. You should look out for yourself and only take advice from those you love and trust. Focus on the happy feelings. 
That's why I made this remix so uplifting and happy.

You are beautiful people out there. 
Don't waste time thinking about gossip and fake friends.

And now let's dance, dance, dance.

If you like it share it. 💛🧡💜

Pull Me Under

First of all, thank you so much for the overwhelming feedback to this whole project (this is my life). The fact that you believe in me and my future as an artist, gives me so much confidence to keep going and keep improving.

"Give It A Shot" has passed 50k on Spotify.. That's way more than I expected, and you made that happen. 🖤

I have no management, no booking agency and no label yet... But I have you. You might think it's not a big deal to comment, like, or repost my stuff, but it's a crazy big part of this game. You're literally the only promotion I can afford at the moment. So if you like this song, let the world know and help me make all the work pay off.


What is it about? 
This song goes out to the fake friends, to the haters. To those who always talk, who always take, but never give and never listen.
They might try to pull you under. 
They can't pull you under, they won't pull you under.

Love you #thundernation 🌩️

Mixed by Chris Schmelzer, check out his website: 

Co-written by @adamwendler (he also played some crazy guitar licks in this), check him out!