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Almost one year ago things started to fall apart... I slowly lost myself.

While trying to figure out what I should do with my life, I realised that this was the chance to take a break from performing and learn all the things that I always wanted to learn.

I was sick of relying on somebody else and I was sick of using that as an excuse for not accomplishing the things I wanted to achieve. 
I decided to stop taking self pity and stop giving kindness to those who didn't deserve it.

Long story short: 
I rented a room in the Rechenzentrum Potsdam (a beautiful place in my favourite city: Potsdam),

I put all my stuff in there and searched for: "how to produce" on youtube. 
Four frustrating months later, I finally had something to show: my first self-made demo.

I kept going, kept evolving and found my sound. something that we casually call Donner-Pop.