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Thunder (Dominic Donner) is an artist and producer from rural Brandenburg, now proudly located in Potsdam, Germany.


He grew up learning instruments, writing songs and singing from an early age but only began teaching himself how to produce music 5 years ago. Since then, he has already managed to amass an impressive body of work with more than 100 releases between his different artist projects.  


He has received editorial playlist support across platforms and has amassed over 60 million streams on his project "Thunder" alone.


Dominic has developed his own original production style over the years in the deep house / house genres by combining his relaxed yet skilled guitar technique with his passionate vocal performance and punchy mixes. His songs are favourites to many and always stand out when listened to in playlists.

In addition to working on his own projects he has written and produced toplines and songs for numerous other producers and artists. In 2022 one of his productions was featured in the Warner Bros. movie 'OVER & OUT'.


Dominic is fully devoted to his music and is in the process of designing an elaborate live set to perform at concerts and in videos. All while continuosly producing and releasing new music.


Being a songwriter, producer, singer and guitarist all rolled into one - he truly is the full package and is undeniably on the rise.


Photo by Steven Ritzer:

Thunder is my Deep House project and my goal is to blend electronic sounds with my singer/ songwriter background. I´m grateful to be working with 

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